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AFGHANISTAN 935 935xxxx
AFGHANISTAN 935 935xxxx
AFGHANISTAN 935 935xxxx
AFGHANISTAN 935 935xxxx



Shri Paras Corporation is a leading player in the field of Audiotext Solutions and provides with full and extensive ranges of International & Domestic Premium Rate Numbers. We have state of the art solutions when it comes to enhance your business using International Premium Rate Numbers. We understand our client business models, so providing them with a right solution at the right time with the most flexible and the best payment options in the Industry. We bring a large portfolio of International & Domestic Premium Rate Numbers under a single roof with the best Payouts,so that our customers share unbeatable experience with us.

IPRN are phone numbers for phone calls amid which certain administrations are given and to which costs higher than typical are charged. They can be utilized for voice and information administrations, voting, live visits, call TV, test appears, grown-up excitement and significantly more.

Global premium rate numbers when contrasted with the national premium rate numbers are reachable from everywhere throughout the world. This is an extraordinary preferred standpoint for all clients to utilize them around the world, not simply from one nation.

shriparascorp has the direct interconnected terminations in numerous nations. We can offer various extents with high reachability and good payouts. We are incite to set up new clients with premium numbers, conveyed to any goal in overall through voice over web convention (VOIP) or open exchanged phone organize (PSTN) numbers. What’s more, where essential, we give quick, modified intuitive voice reaction (IVR).

Get IPRN today, produce expanding incomes tomorrow

Contact the shriparascorp delegates today utilizing the contact shape and discover how we can help you.

International premium rate numbers are a brilliant income stream for organizations of all sizes, enabling you to gain an income for every moment a client calls your organization. IPRN can be utilized for an entire host of administrations as:

Micropayments for essential administrations, for example, counseling and long range interpersonal communication

  • Access to paid phone registries
  • Investment in tests and rivalries
  • Gift accumulation channel for foundations
  • Televoting for the excitement business
  • Live mystic administrations including horoscope readings
  • Climate guaging
  • Visit administrations
  • Paid access administrations

Might you want to set up the worldwide premium rate numbers for your worldwide branch workplaces yet the expenses or whatever other extra issues that could join these numbers are keeping you down? Rest guaranteed with Shri Paras Corporation’s basic and simple international premium rate number administrations.

A thorough IPRN arrangement that offers:

  • Coordinate terminations in numerous nations which give the best payout in showcase
  • Administration Level Agreement ensuring continuous business operations
  • Top of the line VoIP switch with high limit
  • Call sending by VoIP or PSTN
  • Coordinated IVR System with numerous applications
  • Free online measurement board
  • Coordinated extortion administration apparatus

International premium rate numbers deliver your need to adapt your administrations through a voice arrangement while enhancing costs. This administration empowers you to furnish forthcoming clients with the remarkable substance they are looking for, alongside a straightforward and advantageous installment answer for getting to this substance. Shri Paras Corporation controls a wide range of premium numbers with varying rates.

We are putting forth:

  • Adaptable and custom fitted answers for meet your particular condition and prerequisites
  • Basic, secure answer for benefit charge accumulation
  • Profoundly trustworthy settlement framework
  • Straightforward and consistent movement to the Shri Paras Corporation stage

Shri Paras Corporation offers an income sharing alternative, as our client, you get a part of the charges that your clients pay for utilizing your excellent rate administrations. We give clients essential installment show:

Pay-per-minute – the clients pay a sum that relates with the length of their call

Shri Paras Corporation has fabricated a strong relationship for paying customers on time with the most ideal rates. Our installment cycles are commonly to 45 days, end of month, contingent upon the exceptional rate numbers terms utilized.

We have the multiple facility for payment to our clients

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